yellorum inbutrirukka ninaipathuve yallamal
Veronrariyen Paraparame Parabara Kannigal tamil
Almighty Please grant peace and
Happyness to all I Plead Nothing Else

Freemasonry is found on three grand principles namely Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth. The distinguishing characteristics of a Freemasons heart is Charity. In pursuance of our ideals, we, the Freemasons of Coimbatore decided doing some charity and the result is this Masonic Medical Centre.

We founded this Coimbatore Masonic Charity Trust with 15 life Trustees. With the golden touch of our Beloved Founder Chairman and Managing Trustee Cav. Dr. G.K. Deverajulu and the magic touch of past Chairman and Managing Trustee Dr. D. Jayavarthanavelu, we are growing from strength to strength for the last two decades. We bought a property measuring about 2 acres with a big building in the year 1978 and got it renovated. We are using this original building for outpatient care. We have constructed the new hospital building in four floors in addition to the ground floor, accommodating 90 beds, operation theatre, an ICU ward for 10 patients and an X-ray unit. There is an air conditioned conference Hall at the top floor where seminars, slide shows and clinical meetings are held.

In 1982, we started our Childrens clinic with one Medical Officer and one staff nurse in the old building. The clinic was inaugurated by our R.W. Regional Grand Master of the Regional Grand Lodge of Southern India R.W. Bro A.S. Rajasabai. The quality care we give, attracted more children for treatment and so we had to add two more medical officers and the necessary paramedical staff.

When patient crowd increased, space was a constraint in our old building. So, we planned a separate building for our medical project. With the firm assurance of some non Masonic friends like Sri. G. Venkatraman and Sri. V. Jagannathan, we ventured the new hospital building costing around Rs. 200 lacs. With the blessings of our Chairman Cav. Dr. G.K. Devarajulu and with the co-operation of our Trustee Brethren building was completed and inaugurated in September, 1985. The new hospital building consist of general wards with 30 beds, special wards with 10 beds, a well equipped operation theatre and an X-ray centre.

Both the Special wards and general wards are equipped with the central oxygen system which helps the medical officers to treat the patients effectively. In due course, we found the new hospital building was not sufficient for both inpatients and outpatients. In the beginning of 1990, after certain alterations, we converted the ground floor of the old building as our outpatient section floor from April, 1990. The bed strength increased to 90 in our hospital for inpatients care.

We are having a well equipped clinical laboratory and a bio-lab to do all the clinical investigations. We are also running medicine counter to supply all the necessary medicines to our patients at a reasonable cost. Our centre has been equipped with an Ambulance Van.

At present, our Inpatient building with built up area of 22297 sft. functioning with 90 Beds, X-Ray unit, Operation Theatre, ICU area and an Auditorium. About 50% of the beds are subsidised. Out Patient building with 9130 sft. is serving for Out patient, comprising Doctors Cabins, Emergency Room, Laboratory, Immunisation, Medicine Counter and Reception. An average of 150 children per day are visiting our out patient Department. We have 12 medical officers guided by our honorary Medical Director Dr. M. Ramaswamy and about 100 paramedical personnel. Our Medical team includes 5 experienced Pediatricians. Our monthly budget is more than Rs. 3.5 lacs and we meet the same from our collections. Our policy is :

To care for all those children who need care but to accept payment from those who can

We have added a hostel for working women in our premises to provide accommodation for our employees and outsiders. We have constructed this hostel at a cost of Rs. 25 lacs out of Central Govt. subsidy of Rs. 10 lacs and our own funds of 15 lacs. The hostel can accommodate about 100 people and from the very inception, it is full. It provides comfortable and secured accommodation and reasonably good food at the minimum cost.

Board of Trustees

The Chairman of the Coimbatore Masonic Charity Trust is Shri Sanjay Jayavarthanavelu. He is ably assisted by a team of trustees

Medical Team

The Medical Team consists of the Chief Madical Officer Dr.Krishnaswami and dedicated doctors who serve with zeal and commitment.

Medical Care

The Hospital high quality Medical care.

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