Grand Officers 2017-18

History of GLSI

The Grand Lodge of South India was founded in the year 1994, by the three founding lodges, Lodge Cav. G.K.Devarajulu No.1, Lodge Universal Brotherhood No.2 and Lodge Prudence No.3. M.W.Bro.N.R. Doraisami was the Founder Grand Master Founder Grand Officer’s list

Grand Officers

  • M.W.Bro. Dr. J.G. Shanmuganathan-Grand Master
  • R.W.Bro. V. Rajkumar-Deputy Grand Master
  • R.W.Bro. E.K.Nagarrajen-Assistant Grand Master


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Grand officers

  • M.W.Bro. Dr. J.G.Shanmuganathan-Grand Master
  • R.W.Bro. V.Rajkumar-Deputy Grand Master
  • R.W.Bro. E.K.Nagarrajen-Assistant Grand Master
  • R.W.Bro. K.R.Raman-Grand Senior Warden
  • R.W.Bro. C.L.Mohan Naarayan-Grand Junior Warden
  • V.W.Bro. Dr.S.K.Subramaniam-Grand Chaplain
  • V.W.Bro. Bhupendra Desai-Grand Treasurer
  • V.W.Bro. Harish.B.Vagadia-Grand Registrar
  • V.W.Bro. T.S.Jayakumar-Deputy Grand Registrar
  • M.W.Bro. D.Ravichandran-President B of G.P
  • V.W.Bro. M.Nagarajan-Grand Secretary
  • V.W.Bro. D.Madhan Mohan-Grand D of C
  • V.W.Bro. C.K.Thiruvenkadam-Grand Senior Deacon
  • V.W.Bro. G.L.G.Menon-Grand Junior Deacon
  • W.Bro. Sashi Menon-Grand Bearer of V S L
  • W.Bro. Hiren Desai-Grand Bearer of V S L
  • W.Bro. Llewellyn Damianose-Grand Sword Bearer
  • W.Bro. P.K.Venugopal-Deputy Grand D o C
  • W.Bro. P.K.Balasubramanian-Asst. Grand Secretary
  • W.Bro. T.Singaram-Asst. Grand D o C
  • W.Bro R.Varadaraj-Grand Std Bearer
  • W.Bro N.Sunderavadivelu-Grand Std Bearer
  • W.Bro. Sathyanarayana Vellur-Grand Std Bearer
  • W.Bro. K.Elangovan-Grand Marshal
  • W.Bro. Pramod.K.Gupta-Grand Inner Guard
  • W.Bro. C.Nanjappan-President Grand Stewards
  • W.Bro. Rajamani-Grand Tyler


  • R.W.Bro. Shyam Venkatraman-Past Sr Grand Warden
  • V.W.Bro.Dr.V.Kumaran-Past Grand Chaplain
  • V.W.Bro.D.Madhan Mohan-Past Grand Chaplain
  • V.W.Bro.John K Cherian-Past Dy Grand Registrar
  • V.W.Bro.G.L.Govind Menon-Past Grand DoC
  • V.W.Bro.P.K.Balasubramanian-Past Grand DoC

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